sweet deco container

>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

pink ice-cream and cookies ^_____^


New hair color :))

>> Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello !! Today it's my beauty day haha :))

i cut my hair off and dyed my hair .. turned to Blonde.

Actully i love my old red hair, but it's time to have something new haha :)) !!


Switzerland Trip !

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello everybody !
this long holiday, I've a wonderful chance to travel to many beautiful countries such as SWITZERLAND and FRANCE ! I went their with my family for 8 days !
I flew with THAI airways. The services was very nice, but the seat's very torrible. I even chance to sleep...........

I lived in Aarau, at Kan's condo. It's very nice and peaceful. there is Coops next to the condo :) but too bad the supermaket or department stores in Switzerland close very early ! at 7.00pm ..... But in Thailand we closed at 10.00pm. !

I went to many cities. My favorite city is Yvoire. The houses're very sweet. Most of the house were decorated with colorful flowers.

There were many unique stores. My fovorite Store is this shop :) they sold Crepes. It so delicious!!

I also went to many monutains such as Jungfrau Pilatus, and TiTlis. I love the Pilatus mountain, The Dragon dragon. It's very beuatiful and not to high for me :( for the Jungfrau. It's too high. I have a headache and feel nauseated.

However the most stores for me is Spriingli. I love their Macaroons. It's very good and sweet XDXD eventhough they're very expensive T_T"


new face powder

>> Monday, October 4, 2010

Today i went to shopping with my mom. i bought the cosmetic.... again !!!

this week i already bought 9 cosmetics !

anyway this package's very cute ! i love it !!

it has the glitter , i think i can use this when i want a dewy look ^O^//


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